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ure charcoal black Co., Ltd. of Suzhou is provided funds and set up together by Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. and industrial Investm

Suzhou Baohua Carbon Black Co. Ltd (hereafter called Suzhou Baohua) is a company jointly established with capital contributions from the Baoshan Iron & Steel Co., Ltd. Chemical Branch (hereafter called Baochem) and Suzhou Industrial Investment Co. Ltd. The total investment for its phase 1 and phase 2 program so far is 400 million RMB yuan and it has built for itself two 20,000 t/a production lines for producing soft and hard carbon blacks respectively (the total capacity is 80,000t/a).
Suzhou Baohua boasts its 16 brands of Baoma carbon black products (viz, product series of N100, N200, N300, N500, N600 and N700), which are widely used in onshore large-scale tire businesses and other enterprises including those with nature of sino-foreign joint venture, cooperative business and exclusively foreign ownership.

At present, the 3rd phase program of Suzhou Baohua has kicked off. On completion of the 3rd phase program, the total productivity of carbon black will achieve 140-160 ktpa.

In addition to the abundant and stable supply of raw material oil from the Baochem, Suzhou Baohua also introduces modern enterprise management model to promote its further business expansion. The company abides by the principle of “create value for the customers, benefit our employees and contribute to the society “ to forge a conducive cultural atmosphere for its growth. Suzhou Baohua has won high esteem among its customers for its sustained efforts in promotion its production, technical innovation, product quality as well as sharpness of competitive edges.

Suzhou Baohua established the TechnicalResearchCenter on Carbon Black Products that was named by Mr. Zhu Yongning, the expert in carbon black technology. Now, the company has a few postgraduates, some bachelors and some senior engineers, which provides adequate support for its technical enhancement.

The quality control system of ISO 9001 and the environment management system of ISO 14001 have established and are maintained across the Company. “Baohua “is committed to providing premium-quality carbon black products for her both onshore and offshore customers and striving to become the mainstay for China’s carbon black sector in the new century.

Company Belief:
Seek value for customers, happiness for employees

Management Policy:
Obey the law, manage honestly, put prevention first and develop constantly, and put the concept that environment is the quality anddevelopment should be continual intoeach employee's thought and daily behavioral norm.

Quality Policy:
Create value for the customers, benefit our employees and contribute to the society, Promote customers’ satisfactions continually and gain their trusts at good cost performance.

Environment Policy
Maximally control the production ,disposal and discharge of the waste gas material by technology and management creation, reduce resource and energy consumption ,improve the employees’ environmental consciousness and responsibility.


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